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Would you like to be able to:

Send individual emails to large lists of email addresses?

Allow subscribers to sign up to receive your emails via your website?

Some time ago, we began working with some of our clients in using bulk email and have been pleased with the results. We are able to:

    • Set up an email sign up option on a website which allows:
      • Website visitors to subscribe or unsubscribe at will from email lists
      • Website owners to access the list online at any time and edit as desired (add or delete recipients, create groups, etc.) by using login data.
      • The list resides on your website but is not viewable by website visitors.
    • Send emails to a distribution list in a variety of formats:
      • Simple text or html coded text
      • Web page format with graphics, links, etc.
    • Send individual emails to each address on the list rather than using the Bcc: option which sends emails to “Undisclosed recipient.”
    • Your email list can also be uploaded to the server if you like. Lists cannot be “rented.”

An email sign up form and accompanying list can be set up on your website for a one-time fee of $9.99.  If you choose, you can access the list, manage it with your email program, and send emails to it as best suits you.
We can send emails to your list using our software according to the following schedule:
Plain or rich format text emails sent under your banner graphic image with up to three links:

      • 1 – 100 addresses - $5.00
      • 101 – 500 addresses - $7.00
      • 501 – 1000 addresses - $10.00
      • 1001 – 1500 addresses - $12.00
      • 1501 – 2000 addresses - $14.00
      • 2001 – 2500 addresses - $16.00
      • 2501 – 3000 addresses - $18.00
      • 3001+ – $2.00/each 500 above 3000

    The prices above are introductory and subject to change, but will remain in effect till April 1, 2016 for current VanWyk Tech clients who take advantage of these services.

If you would like web-based emails sent with multiple graphics and links, we can prepare these for you at the customary website labor rate of $20 per hour. Most such emails can be created in under an hour from Word documents (or other text editor).

If this option interests you, please email.