Labor for website development and maintenance is billed at $20 per hour. The amount of time required to build a website is difficult to pinpoint as size and scope can vary widely, but as a general rule, most websites have been established with five to ten hours of labor. Time spent on monthly maintenance will depend on your needs. Some of our websites require monthly updates while others require little to none. Email us for a quote on the cost of establishing your website and registering your domain (www.yoursite.com, etc.) with Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

The fee for web hosting is $6.99 per month. Domain names (www.yoursite.com, etc.) that are registered and maintained by VanWyk Tech are priced at $1.25 per month per domain.

Labor is billed for the preceding three months since the amount is variable with our clients' needs. Web hosting and domain fees are billed in advance for the coming three months since those amounts are static. Invoices are billed on a quarterly basis.